Zero to Docker in Minutes

Docker and containers are the hot technology. Seems everywhere you turn, there’s a blog post, some software, or a “technologist” talking about Docker.

What is it? What can it do? How difficult is it to use? Is it of any value to, say, a Microsoft developer? So many questions.

Well … come to this session and get answers. In a fast-moving yet information 45 minutes, you’ll go from Zero to Docker. You’ll see a WordPress website created in just a few minutes. You’ll get an overview of microservices and then see an example created in a flash. Finally, you’ll see how an ASP.NET web site can go from Visual Studio to running in Docker with a single mouse click!

These are amazing times, with open source and containers and Microsoft and Linux all converging at a point called “the future of your career”. Come out and see what your future holds.