You have Selenium… Now what?

Selenium for web test automation is simple enough. It’s free, powerful, and works with many languages, and to start using it, all you have to do is download it and take a look at the examples. If you don’t have a lot of testing to do, Selenium will suffice just fine. But it’s technical, and scalability might become a risk if it isn’t used without a structured approach. And without something like BDD or Action Words automated tests are not really accessible for the non-technical people in your team.

In this session you will see some of the things you can do to make automated functional testing through Selenium and other testing tools like TestArchitect more efficient and effective. Hans will talk about frameworks, page objects, and test design with Action Based Testing. He will also look at how you can make a system under test more testable, and how it all can fit in an Agile project.