OMG How Do I Start An Open Source Project??

You know how to code, how to contribute at work. You may have experience contributing to an open source project, where things are a bit, shall we say, “different”. But how in the world do you get an open source project off the ground? Where do you even start? Write code and push it to Github? Is that it?

Short answer: No.

While pushing code to Github may be all that’s technically needed, there are some social conventions, tools, formats and other issues you’ll need to conquer if you want your open source project to really soar.

I know, because I went through that pain recently.

Join me as I recount the steps, mistakes, re-do’s and learning necessary to get PoshStack (an open source PowerShell module) started as a viable open source project. If you have an idea for an open source project, but don’t know how or where to start, you don’t want to miss this session.