Integration Testing with Selenium

Selenium is the open-source gold-standard for web based testing. It gives a solid technical basis for many of the automation tasks needed in a project.

Testing individual functions in an application is a straightforward process with Selenium. However, in a complex application integration testing is needed -testing all components coming together-and often functional acceptance testing. This is where tests become harder to design, manage, and maintain. Small changes in an application can easily throw off many of the tests. The solution is not as much a technical problem as it is a test design challenge.

In this talk, Hans Buwalda will discuss how good automation driven test design can help overcome these challenges, often in surprisingly simple ways. He will show how domain language based approaches, like Action Words and BDD, can serve as a basis for large comprehensive test collections that are easy to manage and maintain, also in the long term. The material is based on Action Based Testing method, collected from many years of experience in a variety of testing and automation projects. You can add these approaches to Selenium with tools like Robot Framework and TestArchitect.