Design Studio Methodology

The brainstorming process is often quite messy: goals of brainstorming sessions are usually unclear, those with the most power have the strongest voice, and teams often leave the session feeling that the results only reflect a small portion of possible outcomes. This workshop will demonstrate a methodology used to move quickly from problems to solutions, make sure all voices are heard, and create shared consensus among all stakeholders.

Design Studio Methodology is a collaborative design process for product innovation. It involves a rapid, collaborative process to generate ideas quickly across stakeholders from multiple disciplines. Participants work in small teams to articulate and refine a problem space, rapidly ideate possible solutions, sketch ideas, negotiate product features, and pitch solution narratives. The end result is a series of potential solutions that teams can then prototype and test with users.


  • An understanding of the design studio methodology—learn by doing
  • Learn how to get from problem to how to get from problem to testable solutions in a day
  • Learn systematic creativity methods and decision making models that help give structure to potentially chaotic brainstorm sessions
  • Learn how to apply these methods in your own company, the leanest startups and the biggest companies alike

Prereqs & Preparation

Some experience in the software product design process either as a product manager, designer, developer, marketer, or founder.