Access By Default

Making your website accessible for users with disabilities isn’t flashy, but it’s necessary. Websites built for universal access benefit all users, not just users with a disability. They’re also more SEO friendly, and are generally built to be more user friendly. From generating increased revenue, to providing better access to services, the benefits of developing accessible websites are real and measurable.

Accessibility doesn’t have to be an additional step in the web development process. Building websites with accessibility in mind from the start saves time and money in the long haul. By following best practices for front end development, accessibility can be a seamless, invisible step in the build process.

In this session, we will review why accessible code matters, and look at how best practices in front end development that can provide easy wins for making your themes, modules, plugins, templates, forms, and applications accessible by default.

About the Presenter: Kendra Skeene is the Director of Product for GeorgiaGov Interactive. She oversees the state’s enterprise Drupal platform, directing product strategy and working with development partners to cultivate new product opportunities for the platform’s customers. She has managed a number of initiatives with the GeorgiaGov Interactive team, including the recent Accessible Platform initiative, and has developed web governance for the state of Georgia.