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A conference exploring Open Source, Open Tech, and the Open Web in the heart of Atlanta's downtown business and entertainment district. The world's top developers, technologists and decision makers will gather for two days of keynotes, talks, tutorials and networking opportunities.

Featuring Sessions On

  • Python in the Enterprise - Python 3+
  • Drupal 8 - A Preview, updates
  • Javascript - The language every developer should know
  • Designing Javascript API’s
  • Which Javascript frameworks to use for cross-platform and browser web apps
  • Git and GitHub in the Enterprise
  • Ember.js - from Core team member Trek Glowacki of Groupon
  • Building Enterprise Applications with Angular.js
  • Design a good API and why it matters
  • Asynchrony in Node.js
  • Rust
  • Go - Building simple, reliable and efficient software
  • Building faster and more secure web applications with Rails 4
  • Being an open source maintainer
  • Overcoming challenges of long-distance collaboration and remote work
  • What Freaking Database Should I Use?
  • MySQL – latest news and updates
  • MariaDB for the Enterprise
  • PostreSQL – 9.3 features and 9.4 preview
  • MongoDB
  • CEPH – the distributed storage platform taking the world by storm
  • Hadoop & open source integration
  • Open Source Analytics: Reporting in the Enterprise
  • Private Cloud Storage - How?
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage - Why?
  • Overview of open source tools for data science
  • Amazon Web Services, private cloud and open source
  • DevOps – using Chef, Puppet, Sensu and Logstash to show your value
  • The Open Daylight Project
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Tips for keeping open source components safe
  • Automating management of OSS libraries
  • Secure cloud hosting
  • Knocking out application layer and OS threats
  • Creating an open source policy
  • The open source business model – OS communities in a for-profit world
  • Open Source is different – The Brand is All You've Got
  • Open Source licensing
  • Open Source lessons learned – 30 years of experience to OpenStack
  • OS Community/Commercially Successful – Mutually Exclusive?
  • Open source and open data in the White House
  • Why open data and open government matter
  • HTML 5 for the mobile web – Firefox OS
  • Open Sourcing Hardware (Chris Clark, Sparkfun Electronics)
  • Open source in geospatial
  • OS for geotagging unstructured big data – CLAVIN
  • Python for Computer Vision
  • Open source and the military

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